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Personal Reflections, on Friends and Communities

Personal Reflections, on Friends and Communities

For the better part of 2020, I had been going through a path of personal reflection. In this brief series of posts, I'll be detailing some of those personal reflections. Today's post is about some of the friends and communities I've let go.

It's normal to say goodbye, and it's normal to leave things behind. It's a natural part of life. When things become painful, you let go. This is especially the case when something or someone becomes too harmful to your mental health, that you cannot bear to keep putting yourself through the misery. I'm not going to go into too much detail on this one primarily because it affects a large group of people that I once considered to be a community of friends.

When I first moved to London, I was very reclusive. It took a long while for me to explore the city, and find new friends. But I did, eventually, find a group of people that took me in. It didn't take too long for my technical prowess to show (...I like technology.) and things snowballed from there. A year and a bit later, and I've had to part ways with this community, because issue after issue after issue built up and for all the talking and communicating we did... issues never got resolved in a satisfactory way. Things were just brushed under the carpet, and the cracks started showing up wider and wider. I had to part ways, to protect my own sanity.

So, reflection on 2020, make decisions for yourself, and do what is right for you. And in 2021, I'll be keeping this up: no matter the impact that I think making a decision will have, I need to be more decisive, stand up for myself, and I need to do what I think is right.