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New Year, New Infrastructure... updated!

New Year, New Infrastructure... updated!

The adventure has started!

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about how in the new year I was considering revamping all of my web-server goodness, for example replacing NGINX with Traefik for reverse-proxy stuff, as well as using the opportunity to move my webserver to a new host. I... wrote that post on my old infrastructure, and didn't carry it across. So it's gone!

And as hinted in the first paragraph, as of today... I've already started doing that. I've not gone as entirely in-house as I'd like (I said I wanted to host stuff on a server that I own in my own home, but that's rather cost-prohibitive for now!), for now I've moved over to a Google Cloud instance. However, the new server has been setup with Traefik from the start, to entirely replace NGINX, and I'm very happy with it so far!

This has all come about as I've done some shuffling in my personal life, and left a community that I have been a part of for the last year hosting technical stuff for them... I did this to save my mental health, which had been tanking due to my membership of the group. I'm sad that I had to make this decision, but my own mental health has to come before anything else.

So hey. New adventure for 2021, let's see how I can keep this going, and use the new server t some amazing potential.